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Higly respected, well organized and professionally managed!

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Welcome to Coddled Creatures! You will be delighted to know that we are not a network of sitters

(aka referral service for independent contractors) 

 At Coddled Creatures we handle the scheduling and interviewing of our pet care specialists who are employees of the company! We do not shift this responsibility to our customers. If you have been looking for in home pet care we are sure you have run into these networks of sitters (aka referral service consisting of independent contractors) and that they are not what you are looking for. One phone call, or reservation placed with Coddled Creatures, and you will be scheduled for your pet care needs. At Coddled Creatures we do the interviewing and supervising of our employees so that our clients do not have to navigate a network of independent contractors, then interview and supervise them too as well as arrange for their own insurance coverage. With Coddled Creatures you can just relax and enjoy your vacation.

You may have seen the President and her dogs featured on television and in the newspaper!

Coddled Creatures Pet Sitting, Dog Walking and Dog Training is a highly-respected, well organized, professionally managed "in-home" pet care services company and we have been serving the area for nearly a quarter of a century! 

Coddled Creatures Pet Sitting and Dog Walking is an upscale, healthy and stress free alternative to kennels, boarding, and doggie day care, where illnesses are commonly passed among animals.

Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years and are bred to be companion animals. This fact means they recognize their owners as their leaders, not other dogs. There just is no debating that they are happiest when they are provided with mental stimulation and exercise in their own familiar surroundings... your home and neighborhood. With dogs, your home, and neighborhood is their den! Does it sound like common sense that pets are happiest within the safety and security of their own home? That's because it is!

Heidi Wise, President, with the Director of Pet Care Specialist Training and several

of our key staff members, at a Pet Event

Below are testimonials from just some of our Satisfied Pet Sitting Clients in the towns of Ridgewood, Glen Rock, Franklin Lakes, Wyckoff, Wayne, Mahwah, Saddle River, Upper Saddle River, Woodcliff Lake, NJ, Read more testimonials.

"[email protected]" <[email protected]>

Sun, Dec 19, 2010 at 6:53 PM

Comments and Suggestions

Hello Heidi,

I’ve been meaning to write this note for a while and my apologies for the delay. Just wanted to say many thanks for creating the best and most professional pet sitting service I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

Coddled Creatures has developed a very customer centered organization, based on caring and conscientious service, which is all too often the exception, rather than the rule these days.

I wanted to let you know that Gina did an outstanding job taking care of my cats Tigger and Haley, while I was away over the Thanksgiving holiday this year. When I arrived at home after 4 days, you would not have known that I had ever left. It’s real peace of mind to know that when I have to travel, that my two ‘best friends’ are in excellent hands.

Thank you and keep up the good work!

Best Regards,

Jeff, is one of our Mahwah NJ pet sitting clients

Hello, Heidi.

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to send a special commendation for our last caregiver, Laurie. She took wonderful care of our five cats when we were away last May.

We have always been very happy with all of the caregivers you have sent to us, but Laurie is so exceptional that I wanted to send a special note. Not only does she leave wonderful daily notes about our clan, but she obviously takes the time to learn the individual peccadilloes of each of our very different cats! When we came back, all of the cats were in excellent spirits and obviously well cared-for. One of our brood is a rolly-poly ball of fur who sheds constantly, no matter how often she's brushed. Laurie had spent quite a lot of time with her (she knows no strangers and love, love, loves to be petted! - unlike our other four much more shy cats) and actually vacuumed the rooms in which she and Lady had been together! That kind of dedication is definitely above and beyond the call and I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to get this to you. I have never come home to a cleaner house than I left it, and the surprise was incredibly pleasant. Laurie did not have to do that as we're quite used to general "furriness" almost everywhere, but, oh, how much I appreciated it! She is definitely our "favorite" to date!

Thank you again for your wonderful pet sitting services. It makes having five cats almost bearable!

Best regards,

Jeanne, is one of our Ridgewood NJ pet sitting clients

Dear Heidi: 

We wanted to be sure to send you a note to thank you again for the excellent services offered by Coddled Creatures. As first-timers to pet sitting, we were so anxious about Lady on the first night of our vacation. So the next morning we phoned Laurie to check in... she reassured us that everything was great, and that was all we needed to hear. From that moment on we began to totally relax and enjoy ourselves. In fact, we never even called back in all week (imagine!) -- an indication of just how comfortable Laurie made us feel. Lady was in remarkably capable hands! In a world where it's possible to call up, drive thru or log on to get just about anything you want, it's often tough to find peace of mind. But not for us because we've found Coddled Creatures! Please feel free to include this note among your testimonials so that other folks can enjoy your services, too.

'Til next time,

Jane and Frank and Lady MacDuff

Jane and Frank are one of our Franklin Lakes, Dog Sitting clients

To: [email protected]

Sun, February 24 2013 at 11:12 am

Dear Heidi

I can't say enough how about how caring, compassionate, and professional Heidi and her staff of Pet Care Specialists are. The custom web-based reservation system of booking a pet sitter is very simple and convenient. There are numerous options available so that you can really customize your pet's care to fit your needs. Our Pet Care Specialist, Donna, has really gone the extra mile for us, and cares for our cat like he was her own pet. I can truly say that I am stress-free when I go away knowing that he is in such great hands!

Arwen, is one of our Ridgewood, NJ Pet Sitting Clients

Dear Heidi,

We came home after our nine day trip to find very happy cats and a home that was taken care of for us. As usual, Ingrid went above and beyond our expectations. She not only tended to the animals but took care of everything from mail to plant care. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Looking forward to using Coddled Creatures and having Ingrid here again this coming weekend.

Cathy and Chuck, are Ridgewood NJ pet sitting clients

Heidi (Rachel, and Katherine)

We had a very good trip and we were warmly welcomed home by our dogs (Dora, Lady, and Stephanie). We thoroughly enjoyed Rachel’s notes regarding their daily visits with our family.

We were extremely happy with your pet sitting service and most especially the time and effort Rachel spent with our doggies.

All of our neighbors had lovely things to say as well. They were very impressed as were we!

Once again, let me say we were very pleased and greatly satisfied with everything Rachel did. She provided such excellent service and can take pride in a job very

well done!

Please pass on our thanks and appreciate to Rachel and Katherine. They are lovely women and we would welcome their help in the future should we have an opportunity for another trip.

We hope they enjoyed themselves as well. It appeared they did based on their warm notes. We were so relieved to have their daily texts as well which greatly enabled us to relax and enjoy ourselves!

Thank you all very much for all of your help and support! You all did a fantastic job!

Hopefully we will be in touch fairly soon! Thanks again for everything!!!!

All the best regards,

Jackie, are one of our Wyckoff NJ Dog sitting clients.

Dear Heidi

I just wanted to thank you and to tell you that our Caregiver Megan was wonderful!

She is a lovely young lady, my daughter was in and out all weekend and they coordinated things beautifully. Things were clean and neat, and she piled my newspapers and mail on kitchen table as asked. I would recommend her, if you need me to.

Deb, one of our Saddle River, NJ Dog walking clients.

Hi Heidi!

We just got home, the cats are happy and glad to see us, and not nearly as hesitant and moody as they normally are when we come back from vacation. Clearly they got the TLC they needed. Thanks SO much for your great pet sitting service! I am very happy to have found you and your company. Thank you for taking such great care of our kitties. I LOVED having the daily report to read when I got home, it gave us a great sense of how things were.

I look forward to calling on you again in the future!

Thanks again. Katie is one of our Hohokus, NJ pet sitting clients