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What you must know about dog training methods before entrusting your dog to a trainer! Heidi Wise, President is a recognized expert, works in show biz with her dogs and is a contributor to the Villadom Times Newspaper's Pet Page

Coddled Creatures obedience training techniques are simple, but effective, and easier to apply than one might think…just two short sessions a day, with your dog, is all that is required for a well mannered and well behaved dog. We are highly respected, have been serving the area for over two decades and are veterinarian recommended. Below is a list of just some of the behavior and obedience issues we work with. 

Pictured below, President, Heidi Wise, places first in AKC obedience!

Pictured above, and to the right, are President, Heidi Wise and her famous Pomeranian Sugar. Sugar and Heidi are show biz veterans. Heidi has been the trainer on shows such as Unforgettable, 30 Rock and HouseHunters, as well as for MTV promos. Sugar and Princess, Heidi's other pomeranian has also been on various television shows. Working in show biz requires a sophisticated knowledge of dog training. Scroll down for a testimonial from one of the Director's Heidi has worked with regarding her professional training skills.

The Benefits of Professional Animal Talent (pictured below, Heidi Wise President with her dog Princess on the set of My Little Bubbles)

When I revealed the plot of My Little Bubbles, other than being told I had a bizarre sense of humor, I was often hit with two questions. The first: are you sure you can handle a dog in a lead role? (Which is a very fair concern). That inquiry was usually followed by: why don't you use a friend's dog?

In the end, I contacted an Animal Agency in New York City to cast a true animal talent. This is a decision I will never live to regret. They put me in touch with Heidi Wise, who came to set with her two Pomeranians, Princess and Sugar, and truly showed the enormous benefits of professionally trained dogs over traditional house pets. The little dog actress had incredible stamina and patience and brought new elements to the film that an average pet never could. When watching My Little Bubbles, it’s hard to imagine that Princess is an actress you can’t direct like a human, especially when you see the dog on camera. There are specific processes one must go through, and with an untrained animal you can easily waste a tremendous amount of time – not to mention the large probability of failing to get the shots you want. It was a wonderful experience working with Heidi and her dogs, leaving me with the opinion that hiring a professional animal talent is simply invaluable.

Michael Pizzano, Creator, Director, My Little Bubbles. 

• Surprisingly, and to the detriment of our dogs, force based training methods still abound today, many still believe that severely and harshly scaring a dog, and/or causing pain to a dog, is the preferred way to train. These methods are outdated. How outdated? They materialized in the early 1900's from the military. Fortunately we no longer need to use forceful military methods to train our dogs..nor are pet dogs in the military. We no longer hale military methods as the way to train our dogs. In fact just the opposite, we have become educated and evolved (from the days of forced based military dog training) about what is in our best friend's best interest! At Coddled Creatures we train smarter and humanely! Don't be afraid to ask questions about dog training methods, in fact ask lots of questions about methodology if it is not forthcoming. Anything referencing the military is indicative of old school force based training methods. Ask any trainer that you are considering engaging the services of, if they use a choke collar. If so, you are dealing with a force based dog trainer. Your dog deserves to be treated by a gentle and knowledgeable person. At Coddled Creatures we guarantee humane training methods. 

• Take the time to educate yourself, but don't be confused by the myriad of terms used by dog trainers today to define their credentials. Don't be confused by the myriad of dog training books available today either.There are still only two ways to train. Old school forced based training or positive reinforcement.There is no formal credential called a "master trainer". When you hear it used it does not mean that the trainer has a master's degree. The term "behaviorist" is another overused term. A true behaviorist has a Master's degree or a Phd. An applied behaviorist has a master's degree or a Phd and has studied animals extensively in the wild. It is important to understand the credentials of the trainer that you hire. A reputable trainer will be happy to openly discuss their methods and credentials with you.

 The opportunity to share your life with a faithful companion is one of the greatest enjoyments in life. For the first-time Pet Parent, in fact, for every Pet Parent-this experience should be a long and memorable journey of positive experiences and companionship. As with any learning experience, you must have the proper knowledge and skills to successfully choose and raise your new friend. It is important to discuss philosophies when hiring a dog trainer. Ask the dog trainer what their dog training philosophies are. If you are not in agreement you will always be at loggerheads. You will not feel comfortable listening to the trainer and the application of the training methods will ultimately fail.

Our private obedience training packages are for pet parents that want the convenience of private instruction in their home. Prior to attending puppy kindergarten, or other group classes, you want to set your puppy up for success at home. We have effective solutions that will ensure you have a happy, well adjusted and polite companion dog that is an eager learner and one who is happy to comply with your requests. With our training programs your dog will be a positive member of your family!

Additionally, certain issues require one on one attention. Examples include housebreaking, fear, aggression, and separation issues. All of these issues are more effectively and appropriately addressed in a private setting.

For further information and pricing please contact us at 201-236-1984 x2 or email us [email protected]

Ever wonder why some dogs listen to, and focus so well on their owners, and others remain distracted and unfocused?

The key is training and it will make the difference between a well mannered dog, who is a positive member of your family, or sadly, just another dog that is out of control. Basic obedience training is beneficial for all dogs and at any age.

Learn the special bond that can be formed with your dog through benevolent leadership!

  • How does one find the right dog trainer? Formal education, about learning theory, and experience are key when choosing a dog trainer. You must decide what kind of relationship you want to have with your dog before you can choose the right trainer for you. If a trainer uses prong or choke collars they are using force to train. That is the red flag that will tell you that a trainer uses negative reinforcement even if they use food too. Positive trainers don't use choke collars... period.
  • Coddled Creatures only uses positive reinforcement dog can try this at home! We believe positive reinforcement is the humane way to train. Once you understand the difference you will be able to pick the positive dog trainers out right away.
  • Just because a dog trainer uses food rewards does not alone make them a positive trainer.
  • Do your research and do diligence before you entrust your best friend to anyone. There is a lot of hype and buzz words out there today to the detriment of the everyday person just trying to teach their dog some basic obedience skills.
  • Our President really works with animals in film, tv and commercials. This type of work is an indication of how highly trained her dogs are as typically much more complex behaviors, then basic obedience, are required for tv and film work. Often these behaviors have to be trained on very short notice and be performed in high distraction settings. 

If you are only just thinking about getting a dog contact us today. We can help you navigate all the hype that is out there today and guide you towards the right breed for your lifestyle. It's very important to do research and your do diligence before selecting your newest family member. Call 201-236-1984 x2

Contact us at 201-236-1984 x2 or email us at [email protected]

Dog Training Education Courses Offered:

Private Puppy Kindergarten: Consists of five one hour private lessons

  • Start of attention and focus
  • Eye contact
  • Follow me
  • Sit, down, stand, the basics of stay, come, and loose leash walking.
  • Also includes work on typical behaviors and issues including house training, nipping, jumping, and getting your puppy to love his crate. All taught with positive methods.
  • If you aspire to go onto competition training, with your dog, we can make recommendations to local training facilities that offer competition obedience. 

Learn to use the Clicker to Shape Behaviors: Consists of five one hour private lessons

Learn about using the clicker to shape any behavior.

  • Laying on a mat
  • Targeting objects to teach a go out, and working on the reliable recall.
  • You will decide which behaviors you want to work on.
  • Once you learn the principles of operant behavior, you will be able to continue to teach your dog on your own.

Therapy Dog Basics: Consists of five one hour private lessons

For the dog that has some basic training, and an interest and love of new people and places. This course will prepare your dog for the Canine Good Citizen test.

  • Accepting a friendly stranger
  • Sitting politely for petting
  • Grooming and appearance
  • Loose leash walking
  • Sit, down and stays
  • Teaching of some Pet Tricks also included at the client's request such as wave, bow, hi-five, and twirl.

Click to read Marsha's biography and her many accomplishments in the field of Animal Training and Behavior.

"Lou, a wonderful but headstrong miniature dachshund was our first pup, and we had problems from the start..."click for more...

"We wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with Marsha!" for more...

To schedule a course please call our office at 201-236-1984 or e-mail us at[email protected] For your convenience, payment is accepted via Mastercard and Visa. 

At Coddled Creatures we use only humane positive reinforcement behavior modification methods. We don't use aversion methods or choke collars. In fact we use the word "cue" as opposed to the dominance based word "command". You may have heard of such techniques as jerking on the leash to stop pulling or spraying a bitter spray in a dog's mouth for jumping. These methods are harsh and yes they may work temporarily, but our dog training methods are humane and will make you feel good about training your dog and its fun! Our methods are based on the learning theory of operant conditioning.

We do not use choke collars and, as you will discover, they are not necessary and are ineffective. There is also a common misconception that if you use food to train your dog that you will always have to use food to capture their attention and to perform the requested behavior. This is untrue as food will not always be necessary, however dogs are motivated by what's in it for them, not because they want to please us. The myth that dogs want to please us has been perpetuated for years and is the conclusion that is drawn when we humanize dogs. Dogs really don't care about pleasing us! They are motivated by what is in it for them! So get used to carrying treats and toys as motivators!

Pictured above is Heidi Wise, President demonstrating weave pole agility to a local community.

Call today for an appointment!! Day, evening and weekend appointments available. 201-236-1984 x2.

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